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Full Version: Drakes as PCs
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I'm just getting back from a year and a half long hiatus from shadowrun and running a one shot or two to dust my skills off. One of my players wants to run a drake but I can't find the rules for it. Am I reading over them in threats 2? Did I hallucinate the fact that they existed in the first place? Please let me know.

Herald of Verjigorm
Threats 2 talks about drakes a bit, but Dragons of the Sixth World has the (weaker) PC drake rules.
Argh. Thanks, If I had waited just a few more hours I probably would have found it myself as I am currently rereading Dragons of the Sixth World. I didn't even think to look in it for Drake rules because I think of it as a sourcebook rather than a rulebook. Oh well.
I didn't see rules for actually making a drake in DotSW (thank goodness), just a template for approximately what they'd look like. Are there any actual rules on the matter? Or is it just up to the GM to make sure the PC approximately fits the template without being too uber?
Capt. Dave
The rules are (kinda) in DOTSW. 25 BPs for bonuses they never really describe; you kind of have to infer them from the Bred Drake chart.

If your player is looking to build an uber-drag0n, then he'll be sorely dissappointed. Drakes aren't alll that powerful.
Hmm, at work at the moment so I willl need to look at the sketchy rules later. If they are as bad as you say then I will probably be back to try and hash through them. No, she doesn't want to play an uber dragon, I balanced dragon as a player class some time ago but no one has taken me up on my offer of dragon as a race with a cost of 120 points. Not sure why. vegm.gif

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