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They have already done this, I have seen these things in the news; they used them in Gaza last time, at least.

For all I know, the Merkerva (sp) is as good as any tank, with special modifications for urban combast missions (after all, that's where Israel usually deploys it's tanks) such as a perimeter warning system (the newest model supposedly has a more active perimeter defense system, or so I have read), protected exhaust, a backward firing position for an army sniper, and a couple more things. Click here for a link to a site detailing the tank's specs a bit further. Maybe they will even sell you one, after all it's on the manufacturers' page. wink.gif

Too bad they don't have an online shop yet.
US Air Force, 9 years

Got out with hardship discharge (my mother was dying) as E-5/Staff Sergeant.
Slavic Cryptologic Linguist / Intelligence Analyst
NBC Shelter Management
Water Survival
Non-Para Land Survival
Escape/Evasion/POW Survival
Special Survival

Bases I've been stationed longer than one month:
Lackland AFB, San Antonio TX
Goodfellow AFB, San Angelo TX
Misawa AB, Misawa Japan
Fairchild AFB, Spokane WA
National Security Agency, Ft Meade MD

Last assignment was at NSA as part of the Air Force Special Operations Team deployed aboard Observation Island. Traveled all over Pacific including Kwajalein, Hawaii, Portland, Seattle, Adak Alaska, Yokosuka naval base Japan, etc. I have more sea time than a lot of the Marines and Navy people i work with.

Joint Service Achievement Medal, Air Force Commendation Medal, and other awards...

Started playing Shadowrun in Japan when a friend went back to the states and bought it when it first came out - we all had the 1st Ed hardbacks...
Started writing when i met Mike Colton - he worked downstairs from me...

I probably would have stayed and retired from the military had it not been for my mother's failing health...serving on board the ship i was on was the best duty assignment anyone could have...
The Grifter
My unit got an opportunity to do some cross-training with the Israeli's, and I can definately tell you the Merkava (we wwre in the Mk.3's) is a solid piece of armor. Survivability is high, and the tank is loaded for bear in terms of firepower. The Mark 3's we saw had a 125mm cannon, a 12.7 coaxial MG, a 12.7 commander's machine gun, and a 60mm mortar on a ring mount on top of the turret designed to be fired by the loader from the defillade.

Still, gimme my M1A1 any day.
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