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Full Version: Runic Tattoos
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Ancient History
Druid magicians combine the Runic Enchanting rules with Tattoo Magic to create magical rune tattoos that only activate in certain conditions! Sounds great, eh?
It wouldn't really work, because a Quickened spell is not a focus, even if you use Enchanting to make the inks.
But otherwise, the idea of activating and deactivating a Quickened spell by doing something...chanting a phrase, rubbing blood on it, what have you...seems like a neat idea, neh?
Well yes i can see your point but if i got hold of someone with the tattoo i would cut it form his body and burn it in front of him just for a giggle, but i know a shaman that would be very interested in that one.

erm...... of course not me personaly! i quite like em

torz x rotfl.gif
Shouldn't be tattoos for these traditions. It should involve carving or branding of the flesh IMO. There are legends along these lines from these area, I believe.

The 7th sea RPG is based loosely on a mythic Europe and did just that for their rune masters type of sorcerer.
Well, the Tattoo magic rules state that it can be either Tattooing or ritual scarification to produce the effect. I suppose if you wanted to look freaky, you could have a whole text of runes running up and down your back...
Ancient History
Ah, c'mon. You could use woad, spiral-like designs...Hell, the dragons on the wrists.
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