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Full Version: Pointless Bioware?
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Anyone else find it disheartened to get Pathogenic Defense,Toxin Extractor or Tracheal filter to help remove the severity of diseases,toxins and compounds when all it really is doing is increasing the potency (due to increased bio Index raises the power by 1 for every 2 bio index) of those very things the bioware is implanted to protect against? Anyone else feel the same way?
It's specifically stated in the rules for bio-index penalties that bioware mods that reduce disease lethality or healing times don't count towards calculating penalties to diseases or healing based on bio index.

Thus they are not pointless, because they really do make you better at resisting diseases, without penalizing you at the same time.
Oh well then that makes a big difference then. So anyways, thank you and excuse me as I retract my earlier statement. wobble.gif
No worries, glad to be of help. Just remember, shadowrun rules tend to make sense balance wise, if not RL-wise.

(Yes, there are exceptions)
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