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Full Version: Unknown Threat?
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They Shoot Wild Horses, the YotC-related website adventure...well, I've got a question about it. Who is the hit team? The adventure says that the attackers are linked to one of the groups in Threats 2, but I can think of at least a couple Threats that fit the bill. Anyone know anything?
HMHVV Hunter

Sounds to me like they could be the Crying Masks, but that's just a wild guess.
Or the Aleph Society perhaps.
A team of street sams and mercenaries (two templates with cyberware) and combat mage (hermetic), eventully recording the action with a cybereye camera is as they suggest for the attackers, would be completely breaking the Crying Masks' moto of going at war against the cybernetic and biotech companies and the hermetic. The Purity Brigade is supposed to be a group of shaman following a totem that doulbe all Essence loss, I don't see what the Masks would have against them.Maybe the idea was modified between the writing of the adventure and the one of Threats 2.

The Aleph Society has a chapter in the Sioux Nation, the White Eagle Ldoge, so they can probably call Amerindian operatives for an operation. Now they're not said to be in any way active against other magical groups.
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