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Full Version: Latest errata for SR3
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OK I understood that SR3 will be just finished in few months time.
DOes it mean that a latest version of errata will appear somewhere or they will be forgotten while you are all busy in developing SR4?
I think some of the recent SR3 books have errors to be reported (see the topic on sensors on the SOTA 2064 section for example) so possibly some errata are needed.
FUrthermore, sometimes ago, before the announcement of SR4, the official site promised new FAQ and new errata.
New faq arrived but we are still waiting for errata.
maybe I've posted this thing in the wrong section, because here SR4 is dealt and not SR3...sorry about that.
All the errata for SR3-era books will be posted.
thanks a lot. That will be appreciated by people like me who own a lot of SR3 books but which never had the time to play them all......and so who will wait some years before starting playing SR4.
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