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Full Version: Drones, Pilot, and Captain's Chair
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Me and my silly ideas.

Here I thought that I could make a drone rigger (now that I finally have Rigger 3 Revised). I had in mind someone who controlled his drones from the captain's chair, coordinating movement and tactics, maybe with BattleTac IVIS if I could afford it...

Then I look and see the max Pilot rating for a drone at chargen is 3. And that rating 5 Pilot costs 2.5M nuyen.gif


Is my dream dead? Is there any feasible way for a drone rigger to control drones from captain's chair mode? Please? frown.gif
phelious fogg
Rating three isnt bad.. thats still really good and you can give them atuo softs to make them better.. Sharpshooter is highly recomended..
There are autosofts and there are drones which don't really need good pilot ratings (surveillance blimp drones, drones firing really big automatic guns that can use searching or suppression fire, drones that fire intelligent missiles, drones that just home in and blow up, drones used to confuse or distract).

To be any level of badass you'll need to jump directly into the drone, though. Your best bet is to accept that and get good at it. The difference between an autonomous drone and a rigged drone is tremendous.
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