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Full Version: Changing Manipulation Spells
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Eyeless Blond
I... actually don't have any ideas for this one (embarrassed.gif), but I felt it should be included for completeness. Anyone else with proposed changes/additions for Manipulations?
Kanada Ten
Split the category into at least 2 groups. Transmutation and Telekinesis are both valid groups. But I think they should redo all categories.
I agree ... if this is going to be as big a change in the rules as some folks are predicting, I wouldn't mind seeing magic being completely redone on several fronts. And recategorizing spells would be a good start.
Move the damaging Elemental Manipulations back into the Combat category where they belong.
As I was saying under combat spells, I would like to see the elemental spell returned to combat, but I think the Elemental Manipulation spells should also be kept. They serve different purposes and each have there advantages so keep both.
By canon, an aspected mage attuned to the fire element (so he can cast and conjure, within the "domain" of fire) cannot cast a Flamethrower spell. However, the same aspected mage attuned to earth can cast not only Flamethrower, but Lightning Bolt, Acid Stream, Control Thoughts, Magic Fingers, and a buttload else. The fire elementalist gets all those incredibly useful combat spells.

This is problematic.
I agree with GunnerJ that some changes need to be made to the elementally aspected mages, but I'm not sure the best way to it is. Fire mages really should have access to all the fire based manipulation spells , while I wouldn't give them the stun based combat spells (fire not being known for it's friendly subduing nature). I'm really not sure how to do them without writing up a spell list for each one, or leaving it up to GM discretion. Anyone else have any good ideas how to deal with this?
It would be nice if Control Thoughts was severely gimped. That spell is WAY too good.
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