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Full Version: Artwork in V.4
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Hey there, this is my first post. I've been playing SR for a long time, since V.2 (admittedly there are probably people on here that have been playing longer than me), and I was wondering if there is any word on what direction the artwork will be taking. They mentioned a "more graphic" look, but I was wondering exactly what that meant? Are we talking graphic as in Frank Miller graphic, large chunks of black and white, or are we talking Ron Spencer graphic, as in gore-a-plenty? Or was that in refrence to the layout of the books, as in not such a standard two column with images stuck in kind of thing, but more "funky".
Lastly, I was wondering if the art submission guidelines are any different now that there is a new direction being taken, or if submitters should just use the old guidelines.
Thanks alot, and good to be here. =]
Patrick Goodman
No clue at this point. At this point, Rob might know what he's got in mind for a direction, but it hasn't filtered further down the totem pole as yet. I'm sure the current art guidelines will still be valid, however, so if you're artistically inclined, give it a shot.
Thanks alot.
QUOTE (ripper106)
Hey there, this is my first post.

Thanks to you, as well. =]
Sure, go for it. Maybe the style isn't the appropriate for SR4, but if you're goof enough, Rob will probably remember you when you send new things later on for SR4.
Note that art for all books is done on spec - meaning artists who the developers are acquainted with through previous work or through their portfolios are contracted and given guidelines and draft material to illustrate from. In my experience FanPro actually grants its artists quite a bit of leeway in this respect compared to some companies that require specific briefs be met.

So, in practice what really matters is conveying the right style, atmosphere and knowledge of the backdrop/setting in the illustration portfolio you send in to showcase your work, rather than specific content. If the developer likes it and sees you're capable of professional level work (as well as being able to keep to very tight deadlines and acting professionally) then there's a fair chance that he might get in touch.

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