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I was recently building a telekinetics specialist mage, and came across the Wind spell, but it puzzled me somewhat. It says living targets must make a Knockdown test against the effective Strength of the spell (MitS 148), but it doesn't state at what damage level that knockdown is considered for the purposes of how many successes you need.

Bookninjas, is there anything I've missed here? The drain code for the spell is M, but it's an area effect, so THEORETICALLY it could be treated like a fixed L damage spell, and therefore the Knockdown threshold is two. But then, should the spell also *do* L damage? Less than entirely canon, but it would sort of make sense.

So, thoughts?

Passing on Wind. Perhaps.
On second thoughts, a sustained damaging spell is probably a bad idea, so scratch that bit. But the knockdown threshold question still stands.
most damage spells let you inclease the damage level of the spell as long as you increase the risk of drain to you. Like your spell doews med or sev, as long as you run the rusk of taking mod or sev damage. so from a spell effect, if you don't mind putting more umph in the stuff you have to avoid, you can put more blow behind the wind.
I would be tempted to require as many successes to resist the nock down as where achieved at casting.

Fear the force 6 wind spell cast with 18 dice.

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