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Full Version: A lament for the passing of the Combat Pool.
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NOTE: This thread is for mourners only, non-believers need not post. Please refrain from hurling hatred towards others, including those we don't actually know (SR4). The thread will be followed by a simple graveside service, after which everyone is invited over to my place for milk and cookies.

I see through the spin of FAQ #3, dice pools are no more and I am sad to see them go. Perhaps they will add in another combat mechanic that give the same asthetics as the satisfying feel of the Combat Pool. The other dice pools? Meh, bean counting fodder. But the Combat Pool provided the tactical flexibility to bring cunning mixed with bravado to bear in a fight. It helped spring into my mind cinematic visions of the battle unfolding before my character.

I shall miss you Combat Pool, so much so that the time spent with you now only feels as if a fleeting acquatince. frown.gif
I'm still in mourning for the Dodge Pool, and Armed Pool, etc etc. This just makes me hate life wink.gif

I'll definately miss the extra thinking and risks created by the Combat Pool and the other pools. I really hope something reasonble takes it's place in SR4.
sleepy.gif Farewell CP. We hope your legacy will continue with "one generic tactical pool for improving your chances of success on any test." sleepy.gif
*sniff* I worked pretty darn hard to get my wife to agree to name our child Combat Pool, and now this. And Astral is such a good name for a girl too...

*looks mournfully at the gravesite*

Hey, what kinda cookies?
Capt. Dave
All the things one wants to say, when it's all too late. Farewell, beloved combat pool. You were a good friend.
QUOTE (nezumi)
*sniff* I worked pretty darn hard to get my wife to agree to name our child Combat Pool, and now this. And Astral is such a good name for a girl too...

Will you be changing her name legally to "One Generic Tactical Pool For Improving Your Chances Of Success On Any Test"?
Now and forever to be known as "OGTPFIYCOSOAT", or "OGTP" for short.
QUOTE (Bigity)
I'll definately miss the extra thinking and risks created by the Combat Pool and the other pools. I really hope something reasonble takes it's place in SR4.

So, you'll be splitting your Mourning Pool dice between Grieving and Wishful Thinking?
I'm alocating all of mine to wishful thinking, myself.
Wounded Ronin
I like combat pool because it precisely quantifies your posture. None of this "But I said that I was walking carefully!" bullcrap.
Combat is my favourite Pool. It represents everything I hope SR4 will be about. A simple, abstract mechanic with an endless amount of utilities, which can represent a lot of a characterīs actions and choices without additional rules or effort.

Iīve lost the Combat Pool, and itīs sad. But Iīm still looking forward to August. My hopes for the new system may be boardering on blind faith or denial, but I do have them.
Farewell Combat Pool. You will be missed, and the world is a sadder, simpler place for your absence.
Phantom Runner
I always have to tell the kids not to go into the Combat Pool until at least one hour after they eat...
Dear Combat Pool, we all shall miss you. We hope that you can enjoy happiness with all the other pools that have gone to The Great Universal Pool in the Sky. In memory of you I suggest all here throw two handfulls of d6's one last time frown.gif
My twisted and perverted group will continue to make use of you oh CP. We'll never convert to 4th. We will dwell on the past and add a few dice from the trusty old combat pool whenever we feel the need for it.
Why!? Why did you take our beloved Combat Pool away from its family? We loved it! It wasn't used up. It had many tests left. Damn it we still had Combat Pool left! WHYYYYYYYYYYY!?!?!?!?!?!?
Wounded Ronin
Well, as much as I liked combat pool, I did have certain reservations about the Dodge Test due to unrealisticness. I couldn't get the mental image of Neo bending backwards at the knees and flailing his arms out of my head. So, maybe something good will come of this.
Farewell Combat Pool, though I love thee for your ability to give me 30 dice to roll, and your ability to keep my crap goon NPC's alive long after the players wished they should have goon away, I will not miss your ability to drag on combat rounds as each player manically calculates in their mind how much pool to use for each roll, whether the target would be easier to dodge or to soak, and how much they actually have left.
nuyen.gif nuyen.gif nuyen.gif
Fygg Nuuton
TAKE ME INSTEAD!!!!!!!!!!!
Adieu, adieu.. parting is such sweet sorrow.

If you had not exsisted I would never have bought my special SR dice. I would have never heard their happy tinkling in their little tin home. Without you the world looks much bleaker.

Adieu, my friend. You will be missed but not forgotten.

Here is to hope that you've gone to let a new star shine on our roleplaying nights.

The merry meet, the merry part.
And the merry meet again.
You were unique.
Well apart from the other nine pools anyway. biggrin.gif
*Throws self on Combat Pool's coffen* Why oh why?! frown.gif
*A punkish figure, in a leather jacket with a go-gang symbol on it and mid back length blue hair in combat boots and urban fatigue pants walks by the casket. As he passes in a blur of motion his hand reches out and a singlerose falls upon the casket.*
I remember the first night I meant old combat pool, he was sitting there looking all reserved but wise, and me being a newbie went all out with him. We splatted a few gangers that evening but in the end, I took a solid burst from an Uzi III and dropped. He taught me a valuable lessen that night, Burst fire is a simple action so hold back some for later. Oh how I will miss his wicked ways.
While we mourn, think about how Intelligence, Quickness, and Willpower feel. Their child was just shed from its mortal coil.

Fare thee well, and sadly farewell to samurai who could actually think and withstand a mana bolt as well. frown.gif

I'll never forget when that dodge test saved our merc's life from that missile.
Intelligence and Quickness are all broken up about it. Willpower's taking it better, it seems.


rotfl.gif Good one.
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