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Full Version: Tank Busting
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But that's just...wrong!

Everyone knows you should be using a half-brick in a sock to hit the tanker on the head.

(*Grumble* Need a Rincewind smilie...)
For increased power with a weapon like that -- do you dikote the sock, or the half-brick?
You close your eyes and scream, I believe...
IIRC a handful of sand in the remaining sock will do in a pinch against Horrors...

Tank busting on the cheap huh?

Lori Petty in Tank girl outfit.

It's Cheap and effective...
Here's a question:

How effective would plugging the tank's barrel be, if it then fired?

Assuming you could sneak up on the tank and plug it without the operator noticing.

Austere Emancipator
What would you plug it with? A close-fitting, long metal rod slid into the barrel and covered with some kind of überglue might cause an interesting effect. Stuffing random crap (rocks, wood, bits of plastic, that sort of thing) in will achieve absolutely nothing.

In any case, unless the crew is amazingly inept and MBTs in the 2060s have no sensors for the state of the main gun, I cannot see how any kind of plug would go unnoticed before the main gun fires. I mean, someone would have to climb on to the tank to put the plug into place -- no mean feat in combat when the vehicle, the turret and the gun may be moving, and in different directions.
Called shot, splat gun, SL-2
Or, hey, a barrier spell right in front of the muzzle.


Austere Emancipator
I suggest Freeze Foam instead, that's harder than concrete -- BR 10, w00t!

Seriously though, splat guns or freeze foam might slightly reduce accuracy on the first shot through the blocked bore, but that's about it.

A Barrier spell in front of the muzzle might cause a huge drop in accuracy at longer ranges, but that's about it. Since the propellant gases could still escape at the muzzle, there'd be no risk of the breech blowing in, and explosive projectiles wouldn't have armed yet.
Plus they have to waste time with a clearing shot. do that till they run out.
Austere Emancipator
QUOTE (Nikoli)
Plus they have to waste time with a clearing shot.

No they don't. They can fire for effect, just that instead of sniper rifle-level accuracy they might have to make do with machine gun-level accuracy. The guy with the splat gun/freeze foam would, I imagine, not be too relieved to hear the 15kg explosive shell coming his way might miss by as much as 1 whole meter.

Come to think of it though, unless fuze types have changed in 60 years (which they very well might have), the Barrier spell might screw up the fuze altogether. An impact-detonated explosive shell might not detonate at all after passing through a high-enough Rating Barrier near the muzzle.
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