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Full Version: Enhanced Movement Spell
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In SR2 my adepts(and samurais) could run ~100 meters/turn and I miss that now.

I wanted to make an SR3 adept who moved like hell and the idea came...
I need a Enhanced Movement Spell tatooed by my shaman fellow.
He makes his conjuring roll, I transfer some of my good karma to improve his familiar spirit energy, and in turn he makes my tatoo.

Ok, the problem is: There is no Enhanced Movement Spell.
Only spirits have that kind of power. Magicians can fly a bit fast with Levitate spell also.
I donīt know if SR3 developers cut out the SR2 [Increased reflexes = fast movement] rules becaused it compromised game play or simply because it was an inconsistent cost/benefit.

If it is the later, nothing prohibits us from creating the spell right ?
I want some suggestions on a Enhanced Movement spell that would not compromise game mechanics but wich still be useful when compared to Levitate. I think that, in the end ,people should not be able to run more the three or four times the normal.
Ok, first off there's the Sprint adept power, from SOTA 2064 (I think).

Going through the design rules creating an Enhanced Movement

Telekinetic Manipulation
Minor Physical Change (M)
Physical (+1)
Sustained (+1 DL)

Total drain code of (+1)S.

If it's anything like the Movement power, you could probably multiply or divide the speed of the target by the number of successes. TN would probably be 4 for living creatures.

I'm not certain how it'd work on objects. The TN for the Movement power is half the vehicle's Body, and it only modifies the speed based on the vehicle's Acceleration. That may be too powerful, using the OR of the vehicle, or perhaps the Body would be more appropriate.

Any comments?

As an adept i would prefer the sprint power.

@snoof: how does your spell increase movement? Increases the running multiplicator or gives succeses similar to using athlethics?
I thought it'd multiply your speed by the number of successes, similar to Movement.

And I also noticed after I posted the above that the discussion is going on in a different thread. My bad.

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