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Full Version: Nano-biomonitor systems
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Nano-biomonitor systems (M&M pg. 91) do all sorts of great things to you using nanites. They also include a Nanite Hive. Check. Why do they cost more essence than a nanite hive? What else is in there? The nanites themselves don't cause essence loss, 'cause nanites don't do that. So if they're accomplishing everything via nanites, I don't see why it costs more essence than just a hive. What else is in there that justifies the extra .3 or .5 essence? And why the heck are they more availible than a nanite hive!?
Probably a cybernetic medical expert system.

EDIT: It includes a Biomonitor and a Diagnosis Processor, which costs a total of 0.5 essence. The reason for the smaller availability TN (more availability) is probably because medical nanites are fairly commonplace throughout industrialized nations.
nanite are dumb. It comes from being that small, not enough space for a big computer. Most applications of nanite donít have a problem with this, condition x action y. a full biomoniter system needs more options so you include a central processing system that communicates actions to the nanites.

Otherwise known as what hahnsoo said

Okay, next question: How do they stabilize a deadly wound? If you take a deadly wound, 10 boxes, then you lose 100% of your active nanites, which the hive will only replace at a rate of 5% per day. It should be 5 days before the nanites even regain reduced effectiveness, right?
It seems obvious that these are some kind of special exception to that rule, but I don't see it stated anywhere. How many wounds can I take before I've lost too many for these apparently special nanties to keep functioning.
(many wounds can happen in a few days time if you have a mage around to keep patching you up)

ref: M&M pg 91, 99-100
You only lose 5% of your nanites per box of damage. This means you only lose 50% at deadly damage.

Also, it's one of the few nanoware systems that doesn't suffer from reduced effect from losing 50% or more of its full rating.
I knew I missed something.
*puts on dunce cap*
I'll go sit in the corner and re-read my books now.
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