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Nabbed this off The High Road.

This initiative examines the unique British FRAG-12 munition as a potential obstacle breaching and light vehicle defeat capability fired from Marine Corps 12 gauge shotguns. The objectives of these experiments are to verify the state of development of these rounds, the effects produced, and to obtain an interim safety determination to allow these rounds to be employed in combat.

Background: The FRAG-12 rounds have been in development since 1994 by the Experimental Cartridge Company, Ltd. and Action Manufacturing Inc., and have recently been tested by the United Kingdom Ministry of Defense (MoD) as a special forces application munition. They are being offered in High Explosive (HE), High Explosive Fragmenting Antipersonnel (HE-FA), and High Explosive Armor-Piercing (HE-AP). The Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory contacted FRAG-12 and was able to obtain 100 rounds of the High Explosive rounds for initial testing. Based on early test results, the Experimental Cartridge Company and Action Manufacturing are updating the design of the FRAG-12 to allow safe firing in weapons with Improved Modified (IM) chokes or larger.

Description: FRAG-12 rounds are made up of a standard 3 inch 12-gauge cartridge case and propellant, firing a finstabilized 19mm warhead with a MIL-SPEC 1316 compliant fuze assembly. The projectile is designed to arm 3 meters from the muzzle and fires upon impact with a surface. The HE projectile has sufficient explosive power to make one inch holes in ¼ inch cold rolled steel plate. The maximum effective range for this round is claimed to be 200m, which would be a significant improvement for the effective range of a standard shotgun. The round is designed to allow the operation of gas-operated and recoil-operated semiautomatic shotguns. The armor-piercing projectile is a shaped charge design and is designed to penetrate ½ inch of steel armor. The main reason for experimentation is to examine these rounds as potential improvements to the combat effectiveness of shotguns in urban areas, using shotguns for stopping vehicles at roadblocks and checkpoints, barricade attack, and remote probing of potential Improvised Explosive Devices (IED).

Experimental Approach: 100 FRAG-12 HE rounds are being fired by Naval Surface Warfare Center, Dahlgren VA to provide data on the round’s reliability, safety and handling characteristics. In addition, 40 rounds of inertloader FRAG-12 have been obtained to allow accuracy testing at ranges where high explosive projectiles are not allowed. The most rigorous testing will be in the area of handling, storing, shipping, and firing safety to provide the combatant commanders the data needed to determine if a safety waiver for use in combat is warranted.


  • Large potential increases in 12-gauge shotgun effectiveness and effective range.
  • Increased lethality against light vehicles.
  • Increase in “shocking power” in urban combat through rapidfire engagement with high explosives.
  • Relatively low-cost, low-risk combat enhancement at low investment.

Deliverable Products:

  • FRAG-12 firing test and safety data.
  • Initial Interim Safety Recommendation.
  • Experimental FRAG-12 rounds provided to troops in Iraq for combat operations.
The funny thing is I recall designing a shaped charge shotshell back in high school, right after having researched a lot about shaped charges work for a report. Yes, I got a lot of odd looks back in high school.

Granted, the design would probably make any real munitions engineer laugh his ass off, but hey, the idea was there.

That's freaking cool.

That reminds me of some of the special ammo in Rifts. Like a small grenade like charge that is meant to be used on targets behind cover, fire at the cover, the round penetrates (not a difficult task for an AR calibre firearm in many Urban situations) and go bang on the other side, giving the targets a nasty little surprise. Just delay the fuse so that it's logically past the barriers and you have a room clearing round like never before. (and even more fun when it fails to penetrate all the way through a metahuman body and goes off inside...)
Based on early test results, the Experimental Cartridge Company and Action Manufacturing are updating the design of the FRAG-12 to allow safe firing in weapons with Improved Modified (IM) chokes or larger.

Heh. I wonder how they figured that one out. "Hey, let's shoot some of these through my Citori!" Boom.

I can't imagine this type of round being terribly effective as an "anti-personnel" (read: fragmenting, area effect) round. But it would probably extend range a bit when used as a light anti-vehicular or breeching round. Up close (inside of 20 meters or so), there are other loads that would likely make it difficult to justify the cost of something like this. Can't be cheap.
I wonder just how catastrophic the 'early test results' that inspired that were.
Well, I doubt anyone held the weapons being used
Kind of reminds me of the rounds developed by Olin-Winchester (East Alton, IL USA) for the H&K CAWS (12g 3 1/2" All brass cased round).
Why is that?
The Grifter
I thought the H&K CAWS used a timed detonation 20mm round?
No. You're thinking of the XM29 OICW. The CAWS was an ultimately failed attempt at making a combat shotgun.
Austere Emancipator
It fired (or was designed to fire) a 12G (~18.5mm) 3", belted brass-cased round, most importantly a tungsten buckshot load. I have never heard of exploding payloads being designed for it, and certainly, as with all CAW ammo, none were ever manufactured in significant numbers. It could not have been an important design feature, since no such thing has been mentioned in any article I've read about the HK CAW.

While the XM29 has been (all but?) buried, the XM25, firing the 25mm rounds developed for the XM307 OCSW, is still in development and might some day find its way into the armed forces in some numbers. Any word on the Barrett XM109 Payload Rifle?
The Grifter
No. You're thinking of the XM29 OICW

That's what it was. Thanks.
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