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I remember, some time ago, there was an SR website with rules for creating Shaman types that dealt with the cards of the Tarot deck(major arcana). I rememeber liking the idea a whole lot...and the system was balanced, as well(each querent i think it was called that the 'shaman'(shuffler was the name) followed had bonuses and penalties, just like totems....but i forget the specifics, and how they handled conjuring and the like.

But the idea was pretty neat...something different. I recall us going to try it out in an old game a few years back, but never got around to it. It was a definate 'game by game' basis thing, if the GM wanted to allow it, and the like. We just thought it would be cool to add some different aspects of magic to the game.

So does anyone here actually remember what Im talking about, and if so, if those rules still exist?
Not quite an answer to your question, but the search function is your friend.
*boinks self on head with cyberdeck* Heh, i tend to forget about that function sometimes. Thanks, man. It's about what i was thinking of. No website in there though, but some cool info nonetheless.
You're welcome.
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