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Full Version: Hacking Follies
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Some of you may have seen this.

Story of a Wannabe Hacker

*wince* It's from mid-April I believe. Any of you deckers out there have a similar story of woe from your Matrix runs?
Was that Bun-Bun at work...? biggrin.gif
Bun-Bun (my NPC decker) would be the guy who gave the wanna-be his own IP...sounds like his style.

Is it possible to do that sort of defense in the Matrix rules? A Mirror IC that has two parts - a trace program, then when it locks on a big bad nasty that transmits any damage to it to the decker...and it's attacks hurt as well smile.gif Owch.
that's not really a defense, so much as it is telling a stupid person "go fuck yourself" and actually convincing them to do it. think of your ip address (123.456.789.000) as your full name, and the loopback address ( as the word "me". if you have some kind of 1337 h4xx0r program that deletes the HDD of any system whose ip you put in, what you're basically doing is saying "1337 h4xx0r program, please delete everything on the computer owned by DocMortand." and if you replace "DocMortand" with "me"...

the only Matrix equivalent would be having some n00b run an attack program with his own icon as the target.
"I pull out my black hammer and start bashing my icon in the head..."
Heh I'm aware of what happened, and the basics on IPs. I'm just curious if it is possible to create IC that will mimic that response - you attack it and you take damage from your own attack...
QUOTE (Thomas)
"I pull out my black hammer and start bashing my icon in the head..."

Rule of one's, Baby! hehe.
i guess this is one of the things to avoid by using a matrix like system, to target the persons system he would just aim the utility at the persons icon.

allso, who the hell is so dumb as to ask for a persons ip? do a dns lookup. that is unless the person is so smart as to hide behind a proxy or similar in a diffrent contry somewhere. but unless your going to a cracker irc channel/server, thats not very likely...
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