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Full Version: poor rigger needs some help please
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I have the chaise and everything figured i just need a awesome graphic rendering of a Freightliner Argosy preferable with a extender cab to make it look longer and have a front end like the main car on league of extraordinary gentlemen nuyen.gif

this rig is worth several mill in nuyen.gif so if some one wants a challange please email me for more info
He who spends millions of nuyen on a vehicle is doomed to have it destroyed by an AV missile.
AV Missile? Nah, its gotta be something done by the PC.

"You want to turn this thing, hmm? I see you've never driven it before, and you installed what on it? Drive check, TN 6."

Watch allll the dice go wrong. Gloat.
Capt. Dave
Eh, with Structural Agility and Improved Handling, Grandma could parallel park a Freightliner.
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