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Full Version: Vancouver players
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Large Mike

Firstly, to the moderators: Please give me at least 12 hours before deleting this. I know it's in the wrong place, but I need it where people can see it. I promise I won't pull a stunt like this again.

In any case, I'm visiting Vancouver, and it looks like a day of my vacation just kinda melted into nothing to do. So, since I know there's a damn fair chunk of you Van players, I'm posting to ask if anyone wants to play tonight. I know it's a long shot, but a) there's three million people in this city, it's possible, and 2) I'm bored, dammit! People on vacation aren't supposed to be bored!

In any case, I'm willing to travel pretty much anywhere the SkyTrain can take me, and I'm full of books and run ideas.

Help a poor, terminally bored guy out.
I'm currently 70 miles east of Vancouver, sorry dude.
i'm on the other coast, sorry ^-^
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