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hey every one i am haveing a hard time understanding 3rd edition armor rules and figuring the formules out for the excel charter sheet i would like to have it to the modifier for the quickness and combat pool but i am clue less at this point and time any help would be great

thanks steve
What exactly is it you're having trouble with, concering the armor rules? How armor itself works (IE, how it comes into play during a soak roll)? How it layers/stacks with other armor? How it penalizes quickness/CP only? All of the above?
all of the above mainlly working the formula out for the creation sheet you know if armor rating = quickness then you minus so many points form your combat pool

i alread know to make a person drown if wearing armor


thanks for the help
Necro Tech
add all points of balistic rating together. For every two points over quickness, you lose one combat pool. Also, for every point over quickness when you are layering, you get a plus one to quickness tests and a -1 to your quickness for movement.

Next, add up all your impact. Every two points you are over quickness, you lose a point from combat pool.

To find armor ratings, take the highest rating from each catagory plus half the next highest from each catagory round down. Add together to get totals. Helmets, shields and cyberware are then added on top (NO halving) .

That should cover it.
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