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Full Version: Real Life Spike Baby
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Unaging 12 year old girl.

EDIT - fixed. I think.
Link is broken, presumably truncated.
Human ears actually have a rolled-in tip. Unrolled, it would look a bit like an elf ear (it'd not be prolonged as much, though). A recessive mutation causes these ears to be pointy.
Crimsondude 2.0
Assuredly truncated. There's an ellipsis in the URL.
and she's mentally retarded, too (in the literal sense if the words--hasn't aged mentally), just like elves!
Crimsondude 2.0
No, see elves are fruity and gay.
Herald of Verjigorm
That's floofy not fruity.
Crimsondude 2.0
Nah, they're pretty fruity, too. Connor is all three.
Fresno Bob
If that kid was in an orphanage, do you suppose they'd still kick her out when she turned 18?

And those parents take that really well. If that was my kid, I'd probably recede into a pit of depression. And as for ears, I once say this thing on a body modification site, where they cut a triangular section out of the tip of your ear, and stitch it back together. When it heals up, you end up with pointy ears. It would be cool to get if you're, you know, an idiot.
Okay, one of two things.

1: This is a huge scam.

2: Them Mayans, they was right! Though that may mean Shadowrun was written by an Immortal Elf, and we're all outta luck.....

Personally, I'm leaning toward #1. I wonder why I haven't seen this on too many news programs, however. Not even Weekly World News, if I remember right, and they're quacks.

This is definitely disturbing.
She doesn't grow. It doesn't mean she doesn't age. Look at her face ; it's already off, too old for her size and development. One day she could be an elderly baby. It's pretty disturbing.
I'm guessing they'd run tests on her blood to see if she's undergoing any chemical changes.

Keeping in mind that girls as young as 11 can start menstration, the hormonal shifts for that should be coming into effect soon. After that, we'll see how legit this is...
Yeah, I doubt that will happen. I would give low odds that she will develop normally in any sense.
Though that may mean Shadowrun was written by an Immortal Elf, and we're all outta luck.....

Oh sheeeeeeet ..... Sargent and Gasgoigne ... they're evil immortal elves ... ._.
There is an element of DNA that turns on and off the aging of cells. I don't know of any part that can stop development and aging though. This is pretty wild. Speaking as a father, I would be shocked at first, and grieve a lot for the loss of potential, but you go on.
Depends on the potential. If the DNA is literally in "no age" mode, the chance remains that the trigger for this can be found and turned off for a time, only to be reactivated later. Immortality would be nigh. Not the case, but hey.
okay that's weird
Does anyone know if this girl has been "genomed" to see how she is dfferent from a norm?
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