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Full Version: Sustained Spell attached to projectile weapon
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While reviewing the rules for sustaining Foci (pg. 191, SR3), I discovered something that I had read before, but not really paid attention to:

"The sustaining focus must be placed in physical contact with the target of a spell before it is cast in order to sustain it, so only spells cast on physical objects or beings can be sustained"

Now, am I to understand that you could very well attach a sustained focus to either a single bullet or projectile weapon?

"The focus remains active as long as it is in contact with the target of the spell, even if it is no longer in contact with its owner"

Maybe I've still got my head wrapped around 2nd Editions version of foci, but I thought you could not attach spells to projectiles. Any clarification would be appreciated.

Well, you could do this, but it would be a sustained spell on the bullet... what sustained spell would really help? I guess you could make a silenced bullet, but since you'd likely destroy the sustaining focus when taking the shot, it hardly matters.

Could an etching into a bullet, or even the bullet itself, be considered the focus? That is to say, could you use a bullet as the sustained focus for a spell on the bullet itself? Does that make sense?

Makes perfect sense. What spell were you planning to use on it?

Anyway, it's really costly. I'd rather just buy a light machine gun and a few hundred rounds of Ex Ammo... it'd be cheaper and probably get the job done better, too.

If you applied a mana barrier to it, whould the lvl of the barrier have some effect on a living target?

Never read mits and still play 2nd so.. I duno. thought.
not unles the living object was dual natured - even then would have to be houseruled one way or the other
um, doesn't a mana barrier affect anything living?

IE put up a mana barrier in frount of a motorcycle gang coming at you. Bike keeps going, people don't. At least, that's how it worked in 2nd, mana barrier acts as a barrier to anything with mana.
Herald of Verjigorm
No such spell in 3rd. Probably due in part to the motorcycle kill effect you just described. If you are playing in 2nd edition, no need to make a sustaining focus on a bullet (especially since they didn't exist in that rule set), just use some anchoring, it was actually worth taking as a metamagic then.
What about physical barrier?
Herald of Verjigorm
That one's still around, so you may get away with a hovering wall to decapitate a bike rider. However, it's slightly visible so they may get a test or two to evade it.
No reason you couldn't create the mana barrier spell though. It would actually have lower drain like astral barrier, because it's not a physical spell.

In the mean time however, see about just making a barrier say 2' tall in front of the bikes. Some GM's allow customizing size and design of the barrier, some don't, so ask yours.if you can't make them slam into a wall head on, make 'em go flying.
The way I see it - Powerbolt effects anything physical. Manabolt anything alive.

So a mana-barrier would be just as plausible as a physical barrier. It just might not be common (or if you're playing a converted-from-SR2 char, it might be!)
A knife with a levitation sustaining focus for a handle. Used as a permenant and more controlable fling spell.
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