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QUOTE (Lindt)
Not sure which one, but I know I saw Raygun in a book somewhere.

Year of the Comet. For which I owe someone thanks (Not sure who, but thanks anyway!). smile.gif

I live less than 60 miles from where it's gonna be held. Alas. I have no cash to get there and no transportation. Heh. Sucks, dont it?

Last time I went to a convention, it was DragonCon in Greensboro, NC. Ah well. If I had tha cash for Food, goodies and transp, I'd be going.


Drain Brain
QUOTE (FlakJacket)
Well that's no excuse man! If I can drag my arse out to Milwaukee and Indy from sodding Birmingham, others can make it. Mind you, even that didn't help. My nick still got mangled in the editing stage. biggrin.gif

Say WHAT?????

What the hell do you do for a living to be able to afford that?

No, wait... normal people can afford that, not just rich ones...

Dammit... Why aren't I normal? Why can't I have a normal job that pays well and has holidays? mad.gif

And why can't I have a "not-girlfriend"™

Oh well...
QUOTE (NightWind)
Now you guys have got me curious. How DOES one get their character into one of these books??

Whose only claim to fame lays in a soon to be released comic book called CyberHunter

Another good way to do it is to know someone who's gotten to write a section, and asking him to include you. It's how I did it originally (though I didn't ask, I got included 'cause the character fitted nicely).
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