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Full Version: My Search-Fu is weak
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A while back, somebody posted a spreadsheet, where you put in the options you wanted for your character, and it would tell you which generation system would give you the most bang for your buck. Does anybody know where to find this?
Damn, nobody eh?
Crimson Jack
I never read it. I tried doing a search myself, but couldn't come up with anything.
Ol' Scratch
I've never seen such a post myself, but is it really hard to figure it out on your own? BeCKS aside, Just throw down the numbers with the Build Point system and then convert them to their closest Priority (going with the next step up if they don't work out just right). The one with leftover points wins. If you like using BeCKS, use that as your base model. Once you're done, count up the points and compare them to the BP and Priorities.

Example: Say you're making a human decker who's BPs work out to be Magic 0, Race 0, Attributes 48, Skills 47, Resources 30, Edges 0. That would be Magic E, Race E, Attributes C, Skills A, Resources A with three extra skill points leftover. Thus the Sum-to-Ten Priority system would be the better choice for that character.
It was just a lot quicker and more convenient. Plus I thought it was cool. rotfl.gif
Austere Emancipator
Could it be this?
Ah, your search ass-kickery is far stronger than mine.

The link to the excel sheet was there, but unfortunately no longer hosted by geocities, woe is me.

Thanks for finding it though!
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