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Full Version: Buggy Goodness
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Ancient History
There once was a woman who swallowed a fly...

...I don't know why, she swallowed a fly...

...but I shot her and took the bounty on flesh forms anyway.

So come on! We're having a Cermak Blast Reunion Party! What was your favorite moment facing the bugs? I want to hear the most memorable one-liners since "Tastes like chicken." I want to know how you felt first reading Universal Brotherhood. Go into detail. Give me dreams of crawling insect life inspired by the drowning dragon on the cover of Threats. Let's go!

Feel free to make something up if it's more amusing.
Don't you mean PREunion, not reunion? wink.gif After all, it hasn't happened "yet".

I never got to face the bugs as a player, but as a GM I inflicted a nascent roach hive on my runners. They managed to survive, and killed the Roach shaman by suppression fire from grenades while the rest held off the spirits (the queen was just about to hatch!). They managed to finish him off just as the queen hatched and fled the nest. They were told that the queen was killed by the free spirit assisting them...but they haven't heard back from that spirit either.

I recently got my hands on the UB sourcebook - very neat, wish I'd had it when I was doing the original buggy runs in my campaign.

When is the exact date for the Cermak blast again? And I'll never forgive FASA for killing off the Chicago Cubs until SOTA:64. mad.gif
I hated my first run - in with bugs. I was finishing an extraction with a mage character, on my way to a meet in the Redmond Barrens (solo run, in my Ford Americar). Someone else jsut hit a bug house, and tow massive beatles burst out threw the street, and decided my target would make a nice new bug and made off with him.... damn bugs
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