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Full Version: Ammunition Cost Modifiers?
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Drain Brain

Now, I don't profess to know anything about guns in RL, but I do know that a gerat many of them use different calibre bullets, right?

Now, you've got two bullet sizes - lets call them A and B. Even though they are identical in manufacture, wouldn't they have different prices? Simply 'cause the larger one takes more lead/brass/whatever?

The point I'm making is - for 20:nuyen: you get ten regular rounds. That's the same whether it's tiny little bullets for an HO or light pistol or the bigg-ass bottlenecked rounds for your AACG.

So, why isn't there some difference? Halve the price for tiny, double for large? You could apply the same modifier to each type of ammo.

I dont' know this is feasible or wanted, but it would be a lovely way of rooking more cash out of the players (for those harsh GM's) and with differing availability (apply the same modifier to the avail. rating?) you could screw with them even more...

What do y'all think?

well, a quick browse at shows, for example, that you can get 50 .38 special rounds for your pistol for $12... or 20 7.62 rounds for your rifle for 10 bucks. Yes, that is technically a difference, but in game terms? Probably not worth the hassle, especially in a game where (canon-ly) all heavy pistols use the same interchangeable ammo.

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Drain Brain
I suppose I should have noted in my first post that I am thinking along those lines! Whilst I see Raygun's logic of applying real world ammo-types, so you'd have differing calibers withing a pistol class, I meant my post in the spirit of the canon rules.

Something like this:
Prices are for ten rounds
Hold-Out Pistol Ammo - 10:nuyen:
Light Pistol Ammo - 15:nuyen:
Heavy Pistol Ammo - 20:nuyen:
SMG Ammo - 20:nuyen:
Shotgun Slug Ammo - 25:nuyen:
Assault Rifle Ammo - 30:nuyen:
LMG Ammo - 30:nuyen:
MMG Ammo - 35:nuyen:
HMG Ammo - 40:nuyen:

Again, I'm not really a gun bunny™ so I don't know if that's about right, but you see what I'm getting at, right?

4 bucks a bullet for HMG ammo? seems a bit much for me, but then again i probably know about as much as you. oh expert raygun, we call upon your knowledge!
well, if you take a look at Spuds FCG @ then you get (in general) a loose caliber per weapon category list (based on DM) like so:

HOP: .22/9mm @ 4L/5L
LP: .38 or 9mm @6L
MP: 9mm @ 6L
HP: .40 or 10mm or .44 or .45 @ 9M
SMG: 9mm/10mm @ 6M/7M
AR: 5.56 @ 8M
Sport: .30-06/7.62 @ 7S/9S
Sniper: 7.62 @14S

Now that, in general, you cal check an ammunition sales catalog (e.g. aforementioned for ammunition in that caliber (assume Full Metal Jacket ammo), figure out the price per bullet, toss it in excel, and get a "price index" multiplier for each weapon category. You know, if you wanted to be very mathematical. smile.gif

Edit: or check, since Raygun has, of course, gone through all teh work for us. Pick the caliber you choose to represent the "typical caliber" of each weapon class (eg. HP = .10mm), and use that price (eg. HP ammo for any pistol now costs 12 nuyen.gif for 50 bullets, which is of course, less than canon 'regular' ammo, but suit to taste)
Drain Brain

All praise the mighty Raygun and his cool site...
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