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Full Version: Quick rules question
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I don't have my books with me at the moment and I need some quick rules info.

What is the game mechanic for the Physical Adept Powers: Resilience and Rapid Healing.

I know that you can by each more than once, I just don't remember what they do.

My players and I thank you. smile.gif

Doesn't Rapid Healing just add a die to healing rolls for each level of power?
Couldn't remember, but thanks for the info.

I know resilience allows you to stablize from deadly wounds, but I don't know what each level in resilience adds to it.

I thought it just added a box of overflow damage or something.
Well, it isn't in MiTS. Sorry I can't help.

Is it in SOTA:63?
Sota 64, p67

+1 die per level to stabilization
+1 die per level when checking for permanent damage from deadly wounds
-1 TN when testing for wound effects.
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