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Full Version: Drakes
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I've searched the forums, and read quite a few threads on Drakes. But I've yet to find a satisfying reply to a few questions.

Maybe you all can help me out?

Ok, first off. In MiTS under spirit powers it says something like; Essence/Magic/Power decided the TN of the resist test.

Spirits have essence, hence their powers, fx Lightning Bolt is cast at Essence (M).

But a Drake can be a magician, and initiate, meaning its Magic will quickly outpace his Essence.

Between this fact, and MiTS I'd assume the Drake can use his Magic to power his powers. Do I have this right?

Secondly, can a Drake use his powers in human form? - I only have Threats 2 to look in, and I didn't see any restriction written there. And a materialized spirit can certainly use its powers, as can a shapeshifter in both forms. So why not a Drake? (In one of the threads I found, they came to the conclusion that Drakes could NOT use their powers in human form.. No reason provided though)

Uhh.. Thats all for right now.
It's been a while since I read DotSW, but as I remember it:
  • Drakes use their essence, not their Magic, for their innate flamethrower spell, and there's no way to raise it above its base level. At least there's no drain for innate spells...
  • The drake's physical powers (like flamethrower and enhanced ability) are only available when in drake form.
  • The drake's mana-based powers (like astral armor) are available in either form.
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