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Full Version: Transform TN?
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Tramsform is a pretty smart/fun way of disarming a person. Thereís one thing I donít really get though. The way you calculate the TN.

According to MitSm pg. 148 the TN for shapechanging/tramsforming a person (body 3) into a tiger (body cool.gif is 6. [3:2=1, 1+ (8-3)]. But what if you want to make a person smaller? The more you enlarg the harder it gets. Makes sense. But the smaller you make at person the easier or what? A person (body 3) into a Critter (body 2) [3:2=1, 1+(2-3)]????? Do you just turn the two last numbers around?

Hope you can help.


I turn the numbers around, I know at least one other does not.

Targets with lower bodies will have lower TNs and transforming to something with the same Body will have lower thresholds.

I have not had a magic user take this spell since it got revised for SR3, but if I did and was using it to neutralize an enemy, I would transform them into something of about the same Body size. Something without sharp teeth or claws if possible, or something that needs water for movement.The average Goats are Body 2, Deer are Body 4, a shark is Body 6 for purposes of threshold. So when casting, announce that you want to change them into a similar size critter of that type, and you may get the GM to adjust the size to fall withing the +/- 50% size critters can fluctuate between. (Hope that made sense.) You may wonder why I would choose a shark. If there is room to avoid it, it isn't going anywhere when on land. My other Body 6 or 8ish critter is a cow, but there are no stats for them.

[edit] stupid mistake [/edit]
Your target number is your targets body attribute. You calculate the threshold (number of needed successes).

Base: half target body attribute, round down (3/2 = 1,5) = 1

Size modifier: difference of body attributes (3-2) = +1

Result: You need at least two net successes against TN 3
Thanks for the replies. I think it all makes sense wink.gif
It is also probably a good idea to house rule that really really small things are either just illegal, or have effective negative body attributes for the computation.

Don't want people turning into a microscopic nemotode or something too easily, if at all.
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