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meh. i'm still not sure what the issue with M&M is, besides the fact that he's holding his sword backwards. it's not like those robots don't exist in the game, or something. New Seattle... *shrug* like i said, there are already lots of good examples of art which reflects mainstream SR.

I'll give you that the possibility of androids have been given a published rules set. However the cost associtated with mass producing them aren't feasable and thus they aren't mass produced. Hence no stats beyond simple creation rules. So you're right, androids, flying cars, and magic arrows are certainly possible in SR...

However... all of those things are so rare that they don't capture the feel of the setting and have no place on the /cover/ of any SR book IMO. A color template with a girl with a 'magic' arrow somewhere in the metamagic chapter of MiTS where it talks about anchoring... fine! A picture of a flying car and a samurai fighting walker droids somewhere in the Rigger book, sure, great. But putting things that are the few and far off exception rather then the rule on a cover is misleading, I'm sorry, but it is.
There are stats given for them in Brainscan.

and they were very much mass-produced. they just weren't mass-produced for mass consumption. consumption of the masses, maybe.
So people eat androids?nyahnyah.gif
androids eat people!
Of, not by.

Well, I do hope they remember that I'm best medium-rare.
Too bad, 'cause I hear they ordered well done.

This is apparently the cover for one of the new (Germany only) novels, that I found on DeviantArt oddly... click me
It's for the novel "Wiedergänger" which is already released.
Looks sharp.
Great cover, but I don't see any androids. Unless you mean 'Wolverine' in the background.
Yeah I dig that cover.

So I stand corrected on the human walker drones.

I still think adding something that's the rare exception to a cover is bad design. But that's just my opinion.
I dig the "Wiedergänger" cover too.

That, I think, is the kind of art work SR needs more of. Its dark and gritty and the character has... well character (despite a surprising lack of stupid made up tech, gaudy tatoos and/or "cyberpunk" style chains and body peircings). Also the gun looks real.

This is easily suitible for the cover of a source book (or a novel in this case).
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