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Full Version: ah! initiation help!
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northern lights
hey, i'm putting tgether a character concept.

but i need some help and don't have a copy of mits.

can a starting character use spell points as karma for initiation and summoning an ally spirit?

i used to have a house rule that you could, but i can't find that either.

i don't really want to stir up a debate, but what's the consensus on the "official" ruling?
I believe that mits leaves it open to GM discretion. However, I believe that it discourages GMs from allowing players to join initiatory groups or perform ordeals to reduce initiation karma costs during character generation.

(Of course, I don't have my MITS handy either, so I'm probably wrong.)
northern lights
of course! how could i forget. it's a fasa product therefore the rules are spread throughout 15 different books. and just when you get them all, some pirate comes along and tells you "they're more like guidlines."

haha, i'm going mad.

anyway, i won't be able to do both, not by a long shot, the ally would be useless then.
I'm assuming you're making a conjuring adept. 35 points gets you a nice rating 4 ally with sense link and a couple forms, or one initiation and 3 character points, or 7 character points.
Or, it will bond a rating 6 katana weapon focus, leaving 11, 10 of which would bond a rating 5 spirit focus. Assuming you also had that kind of cash.
If you can't cast your own spells, you might also want to think about a couple sustaining foci.
northern lights
magician's way physad. just thought of all the ways people munch physads out, esp using the magician's way to bond the weapon focus. then thought of ways people hadn't done it.

i'm making the character a dwarf, and i am soooooo tempted to make the ally spirit take the form of a pig so he can ride it around like tyrion at the purple wedding. even tho tyrion didn't actually ride one.

i am stoked affc is done.

i also had the thought of getting imp invis for the physad and having a taller spirit. then having the invis dwarf sneak up behind you and have the spirit push you.

yeah, and i think if i had a million nuyen i could hook that up.
can a starting character use spell points as karma for initiation and summoning an ally spirit?

Yes. The references are in SRComp. I don't have my books handy, so I can't give you a page reference right now, sorry.
John Campbell
It's on SRC p.15. In the Resources section, not, as any rational person would expect, the Magic section.

It says that the GM "may allow" Spell Points to be used in place of Karma for initiation and ally spirit summoning at character generation. So, basically, it's entirely up to your GM.
northern lights
sweet. thanks!
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