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Full Version: System Failure: Release Date
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Anyone have any idea when System Failure is going to get released or when it's slated?
Since it's meant to be the run-up book for v4.0 I assume that it'll be relased at GenCon along with the main book.
Assumption is the Mother of all Fuck-ups!~the only good line in a horrendously horrible movie.

Actually, I would hope that it would come out before the release of SR4, but it really does seem like it is specifically being avoided in mentions of release dates. So I do have my doubts.
Yeah that's what I was thinking. I'm guessing it was an afterthought to the 4th edition Gencon release. Too bad too because I was really looking forward to the book......I would have thought it had priority over Shadows of Asia.....Then again I haven't had enough beer.
SL James
No, beer isn't necessary. A book wrapping up Third Edition should have definitely taken priority over Shadows of Asia.

Or maybe I'm just not excited about Asia and didn't plan to buy that book like I was hoping to buy System Failure.

As far as I am concerned the book is on indefinite delay like the Latin America book when it should have been done by Origins and released in time for a short lead-in to the release of Fourth Edition at Gencon. It could have helped build suspense and further the storyline and maybe, unlikely, but maybe, cool some of the hostility around Fourth Edition (although the fact that a lot of those people left has made visiting Dumpshock a lot easier).

That's just my opinion.
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