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Full Version: Adept and magic loss
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Does an adept lose power points when he upgrades himself with bioware. The rules are not clear to me in man in machine.

Thank you for your help
Herald of Verjigorm
If you have an old printing, you should check the errata.
Current rule: Magic = Essense - (Bio Index/2) + initiations - other magic loss

If you use the simple adept growth rule in SR3: PP = Magic + purchased power points
Otherwise, it's just PP = Magic
According to the errata, you halve the bio index and subtract it from your Magic rating - this is cumulative with the effects of cyberware, now, instead of figured out separately. So, for example, if you have a bit of cyber and a bit of bioware, you may just lose one Magic point, instead of losing one point of Magic and having another point of "virtual" loss from the bioware.

I'm glad they changed it, myself. The old way was confusing and needlessly complicated. Now cyberware and bioware are handled similarly for purposes of Magic loss.
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