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What is the mechanism for encrypting a cyber head ware radio transmission? By the same token, what mechanism exists for decrypting radio transmission for a headware commlink? I know that the broadcast encryption and decryption is available, but I didn't know if that was just for regular radios and scanners, or would also cover headware radios, and comlinks.

i would say since, AFAIK, you can't buiy encrypt/decrypt "aftermakret" (i.e. it has to be built into the radio) that you can buy any sort of radio with the decption that you want to have in it, headware or not.
Crusher Bob
When the headware radio was first introduced, back in the Street Samurai Catalog, there were seperate encryption (.1 essence) and decryption (.2 essence) units that you could tack on to your headware radio. I don't know if they've kept these or not. Of course, the rules for headware radios and phones in SR have been pretty stupid generally, so just comming up with your own houserules might be better.
The cryto circuit HD doesn't cost any essense when installed with a radio or phone and the scramble breaker only costs .1. If you're gonna get those get a Commlink too, it's cost is halved so it's only .15 when packaged.
I don't have the book that contains those items, any details?
if you've got SR3, you've got the book that contains those items. all you do is apply the encryption/decryption costs to your headware radio, and voila.

incidentally, unless you're trying to break the encryption on other people's transmissions, you don't need decryption on your radio in order to communicate. encryption includes automatic decryption of any signal you've got the key for.
Since so many items have Datajacks, I would think an appropriately set up PocSec or small laptop would be able to run a decrypt program

The computer would act as the microphone and speaker, and relay the signals to/from the radio/
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