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Full Version: Whatever happened to narcoject?
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Apologies if this has been asked before, but a player of mine just raised the question and a quick Googling didn't turn anything up.

Narcoject pistols used to be an old favorite of the group back when we were running our SR2 game. Take the guards out, don't kill 'em, life is good. As I'm picking the game up again, I just noticed that they've been revised out of SR3. Wordman's equipment list even shows the last references to them being in SR2 and the SSC.

So what's the deal? If they were removed because they were considered game-unbalancing, can someone explain the reasoning? And what's supposed to be the "standard" SR3 method to take somebody out non-lethally? (I'm thinking I'll use narco anyway, if nobody comes up with a compelling argument why it's bad; I'm just curious.)

Thanks in advance for any insight.
Narco is still around in SR3 and used regularly in the games I play in.
Narcojects are still around. I believe the stats are in CC. It's a good weapon for stealth types, not really effective against big targets like trolls. I think it's better to just get a dart gun though. That way you can get other types of dart payloads like Gamma Scolpamine, etc.
It's in the Cannon Companion (along with a number of other non-lethal weapons).
Narcojet Toxin is in SR3 p.250

Dart Guns are in Man & Machine p.116

There is no Narcojet pistol in the Cannon Companion that I can find, only generic dart pistols and rifles in M&M. I suppose you could by the brand name, but the results would be the same.
Talia Invierno
It's because many people were using the same delivery systems (squirt/splat or dart pistol) to deliver several different types of drugs. Now, you purchase the delivery system separately from the chemical you want to put into it. Most chemicals can be found in MM.

(Our group's personal favourite is gamma-scopalomine: 10D stun ... but costly! make sure it counts when you use it.)
QUOTE (hyzmarca)
Narcojet Toxin is in SR3 p.250

Okay, thanks! I managed to miss that completely. (The equipment list is scattered somewhat annoyingly all over the place.)

Thanks to all the other replies, too. I don't have the Cannon Companion yet, though it's on order. My mistaken belief that it had been revised out was based largely on a third-party list, which of course oughtn't be taken as perfect or as canon. I appreciate your time and help.
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