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I'm kind of dry on ideas and feeling kind of lazy. Is there a place on here with run seeds or ideas for campaigns?
If you just want a simple run idea you could always use Dashifen's Runs-on-the-Fly.

As it says on the page, it uses the rules from Mr. Johnson's Little Black Book to generate a random run.

Or you could download one of the Shadowrun Missions.
I've always liked Blackjack's webpage.
I wrote an extension based on Daishen's run generator that has a few more options in it, for the omnihedron. Generator zip link. the best part is that you can use it offline. ( I am a huge fan of the Omnihedron.) There are is a contact generator that you can use to flush out some npc's IF you have any feedback regarding either of these... I would be glad to incorporate them. sr3 and backwards compatible.

There are also a great deal of resources gleaned from various forums on the site
Delta grade site click on ideas..
Runs, artifacts, npc's, locations and magic. Just trying to organise things so I do not lose the pearls that I find.
I have a run I like to use as my starter all the time. And, no matter how many times my players play it, it results differently each time. If you want it, I can type it up real quick.
Kanada Ten
You can also broswe some of the threads in the "Welcome to the Shadows" for ideas, as they are mostly games.

Dragon related runs

Fashion run

Infected Greetings from TSS
QUOTE (Sabosect)
I have a run I like to use as my starter all the time. And, no matter how many times my players play it, it results differently each time. If you want it, I can type it up real quick.

I'd be rather interested in hearing this one.
I was planning on using it on here, but the changes in SR4 make certain important items of it no longer quite feasible. So, might as well spill it.

The idea is simple. The players are contacted by a Johnson. He lets them know a certain rat shaman has some property of his and he wants it back. He warns that the rat shaman will likely have some security forces. He also warns that the rat shaman seems to like dogs and was bragging about "his favorite puppy." The amount he offers is roughly equal to two months rent for the party, half up front (Add together their lifestyle costs for one month of rent, whether or not they have permanent lifestyles). If pressed, he supplies his name and corp for verification (up to GM discretion, but he shouldn't be someone important in the company). Now, the twist about his ID: It's legit. He is exactly who he says he is. He's also fairly new to the idea of hiring runners (which is how the shaman got the item). If the runners want, they can even visit him at work (if they can present legit SINs and get past security, anyway). He'll be annoyed, of course, but not enough to fire them.

Now, I'll leave the actual object up to the GM, but usually I prefer paydata or some hot little prototype. It should also be worth twice what he is paying them on the street.

Now, for checking out the rat shaman: He has a little magical trinket shop. Most of the items he sells are worthless, but he has the occasional expendable focus behind the counter. Basically, nothing worth stealing. However, outside of his shop is a garage. Officially, it's where delivery vehicles unload. Unofficially, it's part of his security system. Let the players scout around a bit. I'll tell you, section by section, what they'll find.

Deckers: At a cursory examination, just billing and sales information. If they attempt to dig and look around for anything related to whatever was stolen, they'll find no mention. If they check security, they can discover he has a Panic Button that can be disabled Matrix-side. Note it protects the main building and not the garage. Further digging reveals he has a note reminding himself to higher a decker for dealing with Matrix issues. TNs up to GMs to allow for individual tailoring.

Mages/shamans: Pretty much, these guys have it. If they enter the garage, they can discover a rigger inside, working on drones. Inside the main building, when the shop is closed a couple of street sams wander about. There is a backroom, but it's the Force 10 lodge for the shaman. If the mage decides to break in, they'll discover the shaman and his pet.

Anyone else: In addition to potentially discovering what the mage did in the garage and main part of the building, they should discover the backroom of the building has only one entrance, and that's inside the building.

The night of the run: Unless your players decide to strike at that very moment, a decker should be added to the shaman's group and decking at the time the run happens. This could prove disasterous for the party if they didn't know.

In any case, run it as you will. The rigger should only have at two or three drones (one of them should be a doberman, to throw the group off). The sams should be just below the main characters. The decker should be very good compared to the main characters, but weak physically. The shaman should be a challenge, being a Level 4 Innitiate, but not enough to run over the group with ease. And his pet? A hellhound. Try to give them hints about it, like growling when they reach the door.

If the characters decide to blow a wall in side the building to gain entrance to the backroom, it's up to GM discretion whether or not they blow up what they are after.

Oh, if they don't do recon, have the enemy rigger catch them in a crossfire with his drones while the enemy decker calls the Star. Stupid actions should get them killed.

Now, for stats and equipment: Up to the GM. This is to allow for tailoring to the party.

End results: The party retrieves the item and returns to the Johnson, he pays. They retrieve and sell it, I would do a session on it and end up with them getting stiffed out of half the amount its worth. The Johnson turns up dead later. They get stupid, like using loud explosives, it would be acceptable to have the Star show up and force them into hiding.
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