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Full Version: Shadowrun WOD?
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I was wondering if anyone has compared the SR4 rules with the rules for the new Worlds Of Darkness set. A lot of it seams to me to be the same system set up with different dice.

Attribute + Skill + Modifier = target 5 (D6) or 8 (D10)
Health is not set any more. It is based off a static number and you body/stamina.

I am not sure if I will like the new system or not, but so far I am not very optimistic about it. I have been playing Shadowrun since 1993, and I really do not want to see it die off. Please, let me know your thoughts good or bad on this.
there was a flaming threadc about this when it was still all speculation and leaked info.
The mechanics are comparable. Which is to say nothing more, and nothing less then the two games can be compared. Just as apples and oranges can be compared to each other. Just as SR3 and SR4 can be compared to each other.

The games have nearly nothing in common besides their dice mechanic. And when I say dice mechanic I mean the very basic dice mechanic for performing actions. What this means is, from my perspective, largely a matter of personal opinion.
I think any fears that it would be copied from the WoD rules has been settled by now, or replaced with new fears.
Well sorry if I am rehashing anything. Most of the talk about this so far has just been in my game group. So far, most of us are really not looking forward to this. I think we plan to head out and get a small back stock of SR3 books to be safe in the next couple of years.
I do think the game should have been called Shadowrun: New Era or something similar not SR4.

For what it's worth, the more I hear about SR4 the more I am convinced it's not for me. And now this isn't based on FAQs or supposition or possibly wrong playtesters. This is based on factual information from the SR4 book. Again many thanks to tisoz for taking the time and trouble to pass on information about the new game.

Edited to correct tense.
you know folks, and i say this in all ernest, i want to look at this and see if i cana take it live action.....i mean think about it for a minute, instead of only the white wolf players running around at larps, you can play actual PC on PC games of SR amongst the con members

Works well with a laser tag set, too, if you want to avoid Rock-Paper-Scissors. Really drives home the notion of cover, too wink.gif
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