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Full Version: Combat Paralysis and Addiction
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Does combat paralysis negative quality apply when rigging some drones? What if I'm only issuing actions to them in AR mode?

Does it apply to cybercombats?


It also seems to me that a character suffering Matrix Addiction: Moderate isn't much affected on his every day tasks... Am I wrong? I mean.. only 1 time a day... that doesn't seem it should give the full +10 BP for that isn't?
Mr. Unpronounceable
I'd have to say, re: combat paralysis:

Yes (in a combat situation), yes (in a combat situation), and yes.

As for the addiction should be the GM's call as to when you get the cravings...I'd hate to have a fellow runner suddenly pull out his 'miracle shooter' game while we're sneaking past security.
Yeah. Keep in mind that addiction's one of those things that's up to the player and GM to talk about before gaming.

Personally, I'd say AR doesn't cut it for Matrix addiction. The PC has to go full-immersive at least once a day, for X amount of time per day. Which can be difficult if, say, you end up on a mission that involves spending a lot of time "on the job," like guarding someone or acting as a courier. Even worse if it's something like a critter hunt out in the wilderness... African safari, anyone?
Note that the "everyday" vices don't count according to the text. I'd say Matrix addiction no longer counts for BP, as almost everyone is wired up.
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