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Full Version: Revised PDF 1.1.1 and searching
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Tried to search the new (1.1.1) PDF using Acrobat Reader 6.0.4 for the first time, and it keeps locking up. I eventually have to cancel the task manually. I upgraded to 7.0, thinking maybe it was a version-specific problem, but I the same thing happened. Anyone else having problems searching?
I don't get a lockup, using Acrobat Pro 7.0.3. Searched for 'glitch'.
I just bought the PDF today, and tried to search for "gear", using Acrobat Reader 7.03(it did an automatic update before I could read it), and my copy worked just fine. Just did a search for "glitch" right now, it found 139 instances of it in the book, within about 5 seconds. I'm happy with it.
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