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Full Version: help with adept powers and cyber
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northern lights
i'm making a burnout character and am looking for suitable cyber replacements for the "burnt out" adept powers.

so what i'm asking for is which adept powers have direct equivalents in cyber and bio, such as iron gut and digestive expansion

list away, all of you people with books and stuff.
You don't have the books? It's a hell of a long list.
Besides: why does your char took the burnout road? Why not give him cyber that has other abilities than his former adept powers, like cyberlimbs?
northern lights
i don't know, i always wanted to make a burnout, so i decided i would.

the background is a guy who started in on the adept path and employed it militarily, but the militrary didn't have any support for initiating, so he never got anywhere as far as increasing his magic. the military also never really understood geasa, so they never bothered with them, and he needed to replace the powers with their equivalents so he could continue to perform his duties. so cyber and bio replacements were available to the military and were deemed what he would get.

this is a guy from the beginning of the awakening, on eof the first genereation of physads stuck in service to an ignorant entity with little in the way or choices given to him. in the end, he gets disgusted with it and leaves with his last point of magic intact, somehow sensing that he needs to get the fuck out before it's gone for good.

so i guess in the light of the numerous powers, i could say limit it to non SOTA64 powers that have direct cyber or bio equivalents. i do have a list of all the powers, but not all the descriptions.
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