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Full Version: Adepts and Augmentations
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So, I'm looking at my adept. He's pretty nice. Elf, adept.. attributes arn't too bad, skills are low but eh..

He has 90k to spend. I don't need to spend money on life style and I can't imagine spending more then 10k on pistols, ammo, armor, etc. Obviously, an alpha smarklink II and alpha flame compensator are keen, but..

What ELSE is good for a phys adept? What about bioware? WELL?
Any sensemods other than thermo/low-light that you can push to cyber. That .25 power point is worth more than the cred.

Other than that, what does your character do? Anything other than shoot people?

Actually, I'd rather have vision mag 3 and select sound filter 5 through natural means. But I would try to keep my all sense mods to 1 PP, either I got the Magic to use them all or I won't.
What about spending the money for a car, lifestyle, connections (assumed you're still at char creation in case of the latter)?
I have a kid-ad who has 1,5 power points in vision enhancement and all that. It's not worth the point as you can get most with equipment too, even low-light vision googles iirc.
Buy contacts. Lots of contacts.
What do we need?

Contacts, lots of contacts.
Don't bother buying flare comp as cyber; get it as an adept power. Get a rangefinder instead; it works much better with the SLII.

If your GM allows Body Index and Essence loss to stack for Magic loss, get Enhanced Articulation. +1 die to every physical task and +1 Reaction is a lot of bang for your buck. A datajack is also something to consider; it opens up all sorts of technical skills and abilities to you.

As everyone else has pointed out, contacts are always a good idea. You can never have too many contacts.

Don't neglect lifestyles! Pay up a few months on a middle one, then buy yourself at least 1 permanent squatter lifestyle as a bolt-hole-- more, if you can afford it. At 10k nuyen.gif a pop, they're well worth it as extra safehouses.

Invest in a few credsticks. Each one is effectively a fake ID for you, so you want to have at least two. Again, more is better: get a mid-rating one for everyday use, several low-rating ones for throwaway transactions, and one high-rating one for when you really need to hide.

Communication gear is always nice. If you can afford a micro-tranciever with subvocal mike and encryption, you'll be more effective in the field. If you go cyber, get the phone option, but also buy up your encryption. Also, buy yourself a few pocket phones for throwaway use. While you're at it, buy yourself a pocket secretary-- it handles almost every low-grade computer task you're likely to encounter. (Bigger tasks are the province of the team decker.)

Tools can be useful; at the very least, a firearms kit will enable you to do regular maintance on your guns, and swap out some accessories.

If you can afford it, a bug scanner and white noise generator are always nice to have. Being able to talk securely is always a plus.

High rating medkits and a Docwagon contract are generally worthwhile investments. If nothing else, a rating-6 medkit is a cheap backup healer on your team.

Get yourself a car if you can; you don't need to load it out with mods, since that's the rigger's job. However, you do want to get a transponder library and morphing license plate; you also want photovoltaic paint if you can afford it. These mods are pretty cheap, and they make your vehicle virtually untrackable; at least, for any use you'll be putting it to. If you're SINless, these mods are practically a must; they'll prevent any casual police stops.
Muscle Replacement 4 and a lot of geasa.
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