When do summoned spirits, loaded agents, or compiled sprites get to act during combat? Each is a complex action to bring into action. But then when do they get to act? I've been defaulting to the next combat turn. But the combat turn, in which they are summoned, usually goes like this

First IP:
Goon/IC #1 goes first
Player: Summons/loads/compiles.
Goon/IC #2 goes third

Second IP:
Goon/IC #1 goes.
Player: Acts on something else.
Good/IC #2 goes next.

Third IP:
IC #1 goes
Player: Acts again, waiting for Spirit/Agent/Sprite.
IC #2 goes.

Roll Initiative again...

First IP
Goon/IC #1
Goon/IC #2


The other way that it could be done, is that on the IP in which the Spirit/Agent/Sprite is summoned/loaded/compiled it is considered to have lost any previous actions on previous IPs and on the current IP it is taking a complex action of it's own to form, and can act (according to it's initiative) on the next IP(s) if any, as normal.

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