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Full Version: Shadoweun books on PDF...
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I recently went to Battlecorps and was looking at the PDF downloads of the books on the site. I noticed a few important core books for SR3 are missing. The one I was interested in was the companion.

Does anyone know why they arn't available to and if they are gonna be at all?

It's just a time issue; I've been too busy in the last few months working on new/upcoming books to devote the time to more PDF conversions. Getting the remaining SR3 rulebooks online is tops on my list, though.
Rock on and thanks for the reply smile.gif
I want to say I really like how Shadowrun is going into the electronic age like this. I Find it so much better then the paper version. So much lighter, not as easy to damage, can do a find and it'll flip to the passage for me.

Basicly rock on into the next age!
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