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Full Version: Drugs in the BBB
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I can't seem to find any price or availability listings/guidelines for the drugs outlined on pgs 248-250. Am I overlooking something? Were they left out on purpose? Is this something that should be in the errata?

Also, there is an entry in the chemicals table in the gear section on pg 329 for Cyanide, but Cyanide is not discussed anywhere in the rules.
Folk wisdom would suggest the first one's always free. biggrin.gif

And it wouldn't be the first time cyanide's been borked by an edition change. I've got a First Edition version of Shadowtech, and while for the most part FASA wrote that book with second edition in mind, assigning 2 for the "variable staging" portion of nearly every first edition style damage code in the book, Cyanide was the one they goofed on (gave it a 3, if I recall). Anyway, flash forward a few months, when the SR2 Core rulebook is released. In the Sourcebook Updates chapter in the back, it clearly stated that Shadowtech required no updates for second edition.

Made for an interesting session the first time someone tried to use cyanide in a second edition game in our group.
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