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Full Version: Wanted: Illustrations for gear and vehicles.
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The one thing I have always missed playing shadowrun (well, actually, preparing to play, it's soooo lonely in finland) is the lack of illustrations in the 3rd edition. Fields of Fire is the oldest equipment/vehicle-book I've found, and though it has some illustrations, I still long for more. Are there any illustrations in, for example, Rigger 2 or Street Sammy Catalog? One might argue that pictures are not required for roleplaying, furthermore, the pictures might even hindure the imaginations of the players. Somehow I still feel that there needs to be an idea that is shared with the group of what the 6th world looks like, what it smells like, what does a t-bird look like and so on.

So all this blabbering comes down to the question I asked, are there any more picturebooks to be found?

Thank you.
Cannon Companion has pictures of some of the weapons, and the german version Arsenal as well.
The first edition equipment books (Street Samurai's Guide, Rigger Blackbook, ShadowTech) had pretty much an illustration for each item. Which I agree was great. The third edition line developer took things in a different direction, thinking that "more meat, less fluff," was a more fan-friendly approach, which I disagree with. Many old threads on Dumpshock discuss this notion.

The later books largely just repurpose 1st edition equipment illustrations with some exceptions.

Your best bet is to find them on eBay or perhaps floating around online in the ether. With time they may be available for sale as PDFs. Some of the more classic materials already is (Harlequin, Universal Brotherhood, Sprawl Sites). Check them out at:
Rigger 3 Revised has the vehicle illustrations in it now, taken from the original Rigger Black Book of SR1, Rigger 2 had no vehicle illos (or else just damn few) and the original print runs of Rigger 3 didn't have any as well.
Thanks guys! I was wondering whether to buy Rigger 3 Revised or not, I have the first print, better get it now.
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