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Full Version: Tailored Pheromones
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Lord Ben
Does tailored phoromones only work if the other person can smell you? Or does it affect you too? IE, does it make you more self confident, etc that when you're negotiating over the phone you also get the +2 dice?
Ancient History
Tricky question, because they might indeed give the user a boost of confidence. However, I believe the primary effect of the pheromones is on others, so I would not give the bonus to a long-distance commcall or the like, just as tailored pheromones don't work on the Astral.
Though with olfactory link, it's possible to transmit that "data" to the call receiver, though they'll know you did.
I would highly doubt that an olfactory link could transfer pheromones. They aren´t just smells, they´re signal substances.
For all that i know about pheromones, they absolutely have to smell you. Scientists are actually doing test using pheromones to see sexual/social reaction and it's only working in a certain range (smell range). That is also the reason you're suppose to really appreciate the smell of your sexual partner (for you it's the smell, but it's actually the pheromones and the chemical reaction it produce in you...)
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