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Full Version: Medical Care Campaign?
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Well last night, I was at the doctor's office, getting my monthly "I'm surprised you're still alive, so I'm billing you enough to kill a normal man" checkup. "We're only here to help" my sickly ass. I swear, it's like they're expecting me to just give it up and die when they hand me that slip of paper on my way out.

So, after hearing that I have a low stress tolerance and a generally bad physical condition due to heredity for the 9326th time in my life and getting the usual advice about dodging stress (which is ironic when you see how much I pay in medical bills), I was sitting around with some free time on my hand and a cloud in the way of internet. No game being played that night either, so I had plenty of time to think. It's usually during these times I get my strange ideas.

It suddenly occured to me: What if we had a campaign where the PCs were working for DocWagon? They've called these people in so many times, so why not turn the tables and make them be the ones that get called in. Might make for an interesting campaign, and one worthy of attempting. I can't try it with my group at the moment (we're auditioning new GMs to replace the one we had to kick out), but it might be interesting to try online sometime.

But, I need ideas of what situations they will be going into.
There is a serious danger of the one trick pony in such a campaign. But it could be fun for a while.

Some thoughts:

1. Go back over your old campaigns and use those DW call in as possible adventures.

2. Watch some old TV shows/movies about rescue teams. Emergency! comes to mind if one's memory goes that far back. Even M.A.S.H. offers ideas.

A section of Missions is dedicated to that kind of campaign.
i might be interested in quirky ideas like this... if SR wasnt so mean on multiple deckers, i was thinking of trying something on a completely matrix level.

I was advised that even GM's who know exactly what they're doing quiver at having just 1 decker, let a lone a whole team..

I informed him that i ALWAYS knew exactly what i was doing, but i couldnt vouch for what i was SUPPOSED to be doing biggrin.gif
A couple of the books have some great ideas and sections on a DocWagon campaign. I've always thought it sounded cool, but I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to run it well. (Of course, that's always my fear with everything.)

My current character is ex DocWagon. He's fun, but the GM isn't really playing into it much (yet, we just started, to be fair, and the group is large).
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