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Full Version: How do you make orihalcum?
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QUOTE (emo samurai)
Orihalcum's a broken game mechanic.

Orichalcum has two C's in it (and has been spelt that way 30 times already in this thread).
emo samurai
Tactful, as usual, without a hint of venom.

You're getting better. wink.gif
Yup. Just saw that you kept spelling it with only one C. Clearly you want to learn more about orichalcum which is why you started the thread. Just thought you might like to learn how it is spelt in the 3rd edition rulebooks.

QUOTE (nick012000)
[ adepts ] can make any foci they can use. So, weapon foci, centering foci, and a few foci from SOTA64.

And if they are Magic:A Path of the Magician then they can use and build any focus (except foci that require any metamagic they haven't or can't learn). Anyone, even mundanes, can learn and use Talismongery (BK: Enchanting) for refining materials.

QUOTE (tisoz)
Everyone always claims there's not an enchanting production line, it's these cottage industry types that are prime targets. I actually disagree with the production line idea, I think it would exist.

This is another balance issue. Cyberware can be mass produced on assembly lines but it is expensive, eats Essence and doesn't give it back. Cultured Bioware can't be stamped out of a factory quite so automatically because it has to be cloned from your individual cells. Foci are made individually, cost fresh karma at each change of ownership and either cost 2xF karma more than their normal bonding costs or highly refined radicals to make in the first place.
QUOTE (MitS p40)
Because the enchanter gathers magical energy very gradually and "grounds" it into the item being enchanted, he or she experiences no adverse effects from his or her efforts. Enchanting takes a good deal of Karma, however, as well as time and money. These requirements keep the supply of magical materials and items well below demand in the marketplace. Enchanting is an art, not a technology.
There is no "facility" equivalent for enchanting because all tasks must be performed by individuals using specific methods -- enchanting cannot be produced on an assembly line.

So going through the quote above, the problems with assembly line would be:
* Living people can manipulate mana and technology cannot. Spirits could as you suggested though
* Living people can provide karma and technology cannot. Not sure if spirits can give karma
* Art is arguably a human perception beyond machines' or new spirits' ability
But mostly the reason is balance oriented. There are already good reasons why PCs don't build themselves a cyberware factory and install hundreds of items into their bodies and then sell the rest for profit... same for Bioware... but supplying a skill for focus creation needs some restriction and theirs was "no facility". MitS just wants foci to be rare but as with all the rules, they are only guidelines for having fun.
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