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Full Version: Ryumyo or Lung?
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Is it coincidence all of emo's useless polls have been bumped?
QUOTE (Trax)
You forgot: Holy Thread Necromancy Batman!

Maybe if it had been one thread.
QUOTE (eidolon)
Holy thinly veiled attempt at increasing post count for some reason, Batman!

QUOTE (Backgammon)
Is it coincidence all of emo's useless polls have been bumped?
emo samurai
I have no idea, but thank you for practicing what you preach and posting uselessly, Backgammon.
I think maybe Shrike has the hots for Emo.


emo samurai
If so, I hope Shrike's a girl.
Either way, I got a fuzzy chest. You into that kinda thing, emo?
Nothing the hair removal via wax can't solve. *shudders at the scene from the movie 40 year old virgin. ouch*
Warmaster Lah
I don't care what the Books say if it came down to it I think we humans could smack the Great Dragons down if we had too. It would be hard though given how Ghosty took on Denver.


I wonder... Could a 1000 Initiated Mages take down a Great? I know they can be that damn strong.
You do that to one Great, sure, but then the others will pounce on you. Some might be glad you took down one of their rivals, BUT they're probably also obligated to discourage people from dragon hunting because they might be targeted sooner or later.
Ryumo. He's japanese.
no this isn't some weird anime schtick. it has to do with the outlook. The Chinese culture-of which a dragon is the heighest form teachers they are better than everyone. Japan grew in the shadow of China and although massive over achievers has that in their head. That outsiders may have advantages (to be exploited sure but still)

also there are a lot of powers in Japan to balance Ryumo- The AAA corps, the Emperor. There is no equally balancing power in China.
Chrome Shadow
Was it in Just Compensation that a Great Dragon (I don't remember his name) was killed by a military force (I'm shure with lasers and maybe a tactical nuke - not shure about the nuke...)???

The name could be Aidan or someting like that...
Slithery D
Night's Pawn. It was Alamaise, and he didn't stay dead, if he ever really was in the first place.
Couldn't bring myself to read more than about 50 pages of that book. I was not impressed.
We've taken down a dragon in a game I played. I'm pretty sure it wasn't a Great, though.

We played pattycake with it for a good while, basically wearing it down and making it slowly exhaust it's dice pools. In the end, a pair of ATGMs from the team we had hiding in reserve was just enough to take it out.

I remember an ungodly amount of dice being thrown by both sides in that last exchange, though, even without those dice pools.

I can't imagine what it would take to down a Great.

We had a guy named Ivan DeMarco a bit back who was a critter hunter. Tended towards big guns that hit hard, good tracking skills, etc.

One of the things we ended up building for him was a "DragonBuster" sniper rifle, a bolt-action Assault Cannon with a 4 round magazine, scope, bipod, and all of the recoil compensation we could possibly stick on it (for laughs). That thing was a hoot to see in action...
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