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Full Version: Skill Ratings: Modified vs. Bonus
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QUOTE (b1ffov3rfl0w)
That shouldn't work on a Westwind Eurocar. It would, however, work on a Ford Focus.

i disagree.

the ford focus is clearly a highly toxic environment, with a massive background count.

however, since no impetus at all is required for one to suck, the wheels would most likely spontaneously generate a nuclear explosion as a side effect of thinking about the car, let alone actually doing anything to it.
Resurrecting this thread.

The Pornomancer gets *so* much worse with Street magic. Commanding Voice. Enthralling Performance. Cool Resolve.

There truly is a Social Adept now.
Samaels Ghost
losechaser, how could you forget to mention some of the other neccesary Powers for the Pornomacner?

Flexibility, Nimble Fingers, and Sustenance for the inevitable long nights this character is going to have biggrin.gif There are also a few spells I can think of...

Spells every Pornomancer needs:

Mindnet, Mind Link, Borrow Sense (think Ghost in the Shell, where they share each other's sensations know)

Fashion and Makeover because not everybody is worth seducing...

Cure Disease, because some people have been seduced MANY times before...

Alter Temperature (Is it hot in here, or is it just you?)

Magic Fingers indifferent.gif

Stim, for all nighters

Intoxication, for you. Like I said, not everyone is worth seducing

Alter Memory, again for you.
Why hasn't anybody mentioned the two obvious Pornomancer spells?
Because the point is to not need those spells, that is just taking the easy way out. =P

There's something to be said for a hand-crafted experience, not a magicked one.

Uhh, yeah. 'Cause doing stuff through Adept powers is way less "magicked" an experience than casting a spell.
Eryk the Red
Well, you know, Critias, it's more indirect. You buff yourself (that sounds dirty in the Pornomancer context...) then you influence others with the power of your awesomeness. But, yeah, I thought the same thing.
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